Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics

EquiEquipments such as heat exchangers, thermal conduction units, refrigeration units, air conditional units, etc. Units can be used for the study of heat transfer, energy balance, etc

Model No. Equipment Name

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

HE 105 Heat conduction Study Bench
HE 106 Free and Forced Convection Heat Exchanger
HE 110 Thermal Conductivity of Building Materials Apparatus
HE 111 Heat Transfer Teaching Unit
HE 116
Thermal Conductivity of Solid, Liquid and Gas
HE 151 Temperature Measurement Bench
HE 153 Flow Boiling Demonstration Unit
HE 154 Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Unit
HE 155 Radiation Heat Transfer Rig
HE 156 Thermal Conductivity of Liquids
and Gases
HE 157 Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powders
HE 157-A Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powders
HE 162 Fluidization And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer
HE 163 Film and Dropwise Condensation Unit
HE 178 Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit
HE 185 Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel
HE 350 Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Applied Heat Transfer

HE 104 Concentric Heat Transfer (FF104)
HE 104-P Plate Heat Exchanger
HE 104-ST Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
HE 158C Heat Exchanger Training Apparatus
HE 158 Heat Exchanger Training Apparatus
HE 191 Solar Energy Demonstration Unit
HE 200 Plate Heat Exchanger
HE 665 Boiler And Heat Exchanger Training Unit
HE 667 Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Studies Unit
HE 668 Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

FM 01 Pressure Gauge Calibration Bench
FM 01B Pressure Measurement Bench
HE 169 Marcet Boiler
BP 16 Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Unit
HE 151 Temperature Measurement Bench

Applied Thermodynamics

AC 01 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit
AC 05 Air Conditioning Unit
CO 01 Combustion Laboratory Unit
GE 02 Flame Propagation and Stability Unit
HE 152 Water Cooling Tower
HE 165 Mechanical Heat Pump
HE 165A Mechanical Heat Pump
RF 01 Refrigeration Laboratory Unit
RF 10 Gas Absorption Refrigeration Unit
RF 108
Vapour Compression Refrigeration Trainer
RF 166 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle
TH 01 Boiler Simulator
TH 03 Engine Test Bed
TH 10 Boyle’s Law Apparatus
TH 11 Perfect Gas Expansion Apparatus
TH 14 Saturation Vapour Pressure Measurement Unit
TH 15 Steam Motor & Energy Conversion Test Set
TH 20 Two Shaft Gas Turbine Unit
WT 01 Air Compressor Study Unit
WT 03 Two Stage Air Compressor Apparatus