Renewable Energies and Smart Grid

Solar Photovoltaic

A solar photovoltaic system (PV system) is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics; it converts sunlight or solar radiation into direct current electricity by using semiconductors. To allow users of different preparation to study this system in its variants, De Lorenzo has developed a large number of trainers that deal with it for basic, medium and high levels. For the basic level, a case has been designed containing the necessary modules to learn the first steps of this technology. For the medium level, there are different types that can satisfy both the technicians (a kit based on sub-modules) and the installers (installation kit or compact mobile structure).

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is the technology that utilizes the heat energy from the sun for heating or for electricity production. The difference from PV is that solar thermal power plant generates electricity indirectly. The heat from the sun’s ray is collected and used to heat a fluid and the steam produced from the heated fluid powers a generator that produces electricity. For this laboratory, De Lorenzo has designed some trainers that can satisfy many requests. One of them is a basic system with small components enclosed in a case, as for the solar PV system, and it is addressed for those who want to learn the basics of solar thermal technology.

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