Soil Testing

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``GeoStar`` the Geotechnical Software for Testing, Analysis and Reporting ``

Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System(DYNTTS)

Aimil Data Acquisition cum Datalogging System (AIM101)

Aimil Sieve Shaker

Aimil True Speed Soil Frame

Aimil-GDS Automatic Triaxial Testing System (AIM 096-GDS)

Automatic Free Fall Hammer (AIM 025)

Andreasen Pipette Stand (AIM 055)

California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Field Type (AIM 155 )

Compaction Test Apparatus( AIM 110- AIM 113)

Consolidation Apparatus

Consolidation Testing System - GDSAOS

Constant Pressure System Oil Water Type

Core Cutter (AIM 161)

Cyclic / Static Triaxial Apparatus

De-Aired Water Apparatus ( AIM 097-1)

Direct and Simple Shear Systems

Direct Shear Apparatus

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Apparatus (AIM 134)

Electrical CPT (U)

Environmental Triaxial Range

Fox-100 Stand Alone Penetrometer Pusher

GDS Rock Mechanics Range


GDS Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS)

GDS Triaxial Testing System (GDSTTS)

GDS True Triaxial Apparatus

Hand Operated Extractor (AIM 031 & AIM 031-S1)

High Speed Stirrer (AIM 056-1)

Hollow Cylinder Apparatus(GDSHCA)

Husky-200 Trailer mounted CPT system

Hydraulic Resilient Modulus Testing System

Infra-Red Moisture Meter ( AIM 038)

In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus

Instrumented Hoek Cells

Integral Proving Ring

Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus

Laboratory Permeability Apparatus (AIM 131)

Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus, Motorised ( AIM 108-1)

Lateral Pressure Assembly (AIM 079)

Liquid Limit Casagrande Method (AIM-040 & AIM-041)

Load Frames

Load Truss (AIM-158 - AIM-160)

Manta-200 Seabed CPT system

Plastic Limit (AIM 9831-1)

Plate Bearing Test Apparatus (AIM 157)

Plummet Balance (AIM 057)

Pore Pressure Apparatus (AIM 077 & AIM 078)

Pressure and Volume Controllers

Pressuremeter (AIM-141 - AIM-147)

Proctor Penetrometer (AIM 164)

Pycnometer (AIM 046)

Relative Density Apparatus ( AIM 115-1)

Resonant Column Apparatus (RCA)

Sampleject-5000 (AIM 033-1)

Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus

Seismic CPT

Shark-200 Nearshore CPT system

Shrinkage Limit (AIM 045)

Sieve Shaker


Sieves Set (GI Frame & Brass Sieves)

Soil Cone Penetrometer- Digital (AIM 042-3)

Speedy Moisture Meter (AIM 036-1 & 037-1)

Standard Penetration Test Set (AIM 133)

Static Cone Penetrometer

Swell Test Apparatus (AIM 132)

Triaxial Cells for Soil

Triaxial Electronic Conversion Kit (AIM 085 & AIM 085-1)

Triaxial Test Outfits

Unconfined Compression Tester, Proving Ring Type ( AIM 074-1 & AIM-074-2)

Universal Automatic Compactor

Unsaturated Soil Testing System (UNSAT)

Volume Change Gauge